Sexual assaults reported in Archway, Crouch End and Stroud Green

Five women and a girl aged 14 have been sexually assaulted while walking alone late at night in Archway, Crouch End and Stroud Green.

Two of the assaults took place in Despard Road, opposite Whittington Hospital.

Police say the women were approached by a man riding a moped who then followed them and sexually assaulted them before riding away.

The attacker is described as wearing dark clothing and riding a moped with a box attached to the back. Police suggest he could be working as a delivery driver, courier or fast food worker.

The victims’ ages ranged from 14 to 29. All but one of the assaults happened after 10pm.

Officers have advised the public to be careful walking alone in the area at night and to report any suspicious activity to police immediately.

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